Businesses that may get affected due to #COVID-19 Pandemic in India – Economical Impact of #coronavirus discussed

The world seemed invincible just a few months ago, especially India, like many countries in Asia was growing without a stop for decades. Although it seemed like the growth rate might have had a slump during the recent past, the economy was still on its way to record 5 percent growth.

With the middle class growing all over and the poverty rate seeing a decline, health indicators were uniformly increasing everywhere. The world seemed like a rosy place to be until #coronavirus (#COVID-19) hailing from Wuhan city in Hubei province, China, decided to change the trajectory of the global economy. This virus, which is capable of spreading through human droplets, has spread across 199 countries as of today affecting 1,224,938 people approximately, killing  66,502 approximately till today (April 5th, 2020).

In order to reduce the extent of calamity that might be caused because of the #coronavirus pandemic, many countries including India, have completely locked down the borders. This lockdown is not just limited to inter-country travel but also covers interstate, intercity and interarea travel as well. This directly affects many companies in the travel, food and aviation industries. All modes of transport departments (air, water and road) will be under huge fiscal pressure as they will have to forgo their revenue for the days the country is under lockdown. This not only will affect the tourism industry, on the whole, but also the service industries such as events and weddings in India which is one of the biggest in the world. The taxes and revenue that, in turn, generated from these businesses will also be massively impacted. Furthermore, when we focus on the organised and unorganized employment sectors, these industries that recruit people on a daily wage basis will be forced to announce layoffs resulting in underprivileged people losing their jobs in large numbers (Please do watch the video on how India’s coronavirus lockdown is affecting its underprivileged citizens; at the bottom of the post).

 The indirect effects of the #coronavirus on the world economy with the necessary lockdowns to curb it are innumerable. Almost all sectors will have a huge impact on their growth which will also vastly affect even an individual’s pocket. Many global economic institutes have projected that this situation will impact the global economy much worse than the banking crisis in 2008 – some have even projected that the world economy might shrink as much as 1 percent. India which was previously said to have had a growth rate of a decent 4.5 percent has been projected to grow only by 2.5 percent, which might still go down if the crisis lasts longer than expected.

The Paris-based OECD, an advisor for developed economies on economic policies quoted, “the global economy has become substantially more interconnected, and China plays a far greater role in global output, trade, tourism and commodity markets”. China which was the first to get affected by the virus is seeing huge losses in terms of growth this year already and because of the lockdowns of factories, the Asian market and the markets around the world that depends on Chinese manufacturing has seen huge losses even before the virus started spreading into their countries.

How India’s coronavirus lockdown is affecting its underprevileged citizens – Source; Guardian News

About the Author:  Varsha Kumar is the Managing Consultant at Wiz For Biz Creative and has worked with over 20+ Brands all over the world. MBA holder with 5 years of International Banking and IT Experience – worked with over 6  plus start-ups (Start-Up Accelerator, Lifestyle, Education, Audits and Compliances, Multimedia solutions and Branding agencies) as a marketing consultant and an advisor – also assisted companies in terms of Market Research and Venture Capital Raising aspects (Competitor Profiling, Pitch Deck Preparations, Presentations, Marketing Strategies and Business Plans).

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Essential Steps before formulating a Business Plan – Kick-start your Startup

With jobs getting scarce, economy stooping down and the entrepreneurial ecosystem developed,  there is widespread interest amongst the youngsters to start something on their own. The reality, however,  is that 8 out of 10 startups that commence, do not go too far and die within the first three to four years.

While this must be due to the fact that young entrepreneurs do not have the experience of having run a business and hence the intelligence to run a business successfully remains as a bottleneck. It is a fact that failure teaches us a lot of lessons. However, it is wise to seek advice, develop a plan and be prepared for any adverse situations.

The basis of all successful ventures is good planning and of course skilful execution. Most often a formulated and well thought out plan can save you a lot of frustration and disaster in the future.

A business plan, as all the other manuals will essentially answer the following questions:

  • What is the product or service your business is promoting?
  • What needs does it fulfil?
  • Is it unique?
  • How is it different from a competitor if one exists (The Product/Service Differentiation)?
  • Who will buy your products/service and at what price?
  • How many customers will you gather over a period of time and at what price and what volume (Customer Acquisition Cost and Strategy)?
  • What will be your strike rate?
  • How much revenue will be generated now and from when (Financial Modeling and Future Forecasting)?

In short, this is a process for forming a revenue model. As you can see this is a tall order but it is imperative that you need to work on this.

Let us start with the basic product /service and the need that the product or service satisfies:

  • It is always pertinent to look at some success stories and get inspiration (but remember for every success story there is a lot of failure stories as well).

Almost more than a decade ago, two young engineers found it difficult to get a seat in a bus going to Andhra Pradesh during festival time. They went from agency to agency and lost a lot of time!  It was frustrating as well.

Being techies they felt that if one could connect all buses going to a destination into a database which updates seat availability across various buses, this would be helpful to all concerned. The business Redbus was born. Initially, they trudged the difficult path of convincing each travel agency to get the software in their computer with a net connection, so that transactions could be updated real-time.  Each stakeholder with a vested interest in the company knew instantly about all the data such as – ‘how many seats are filled’, ‘how many vacant and in which bus’ and with online ticketing instant comfort, the business took a flight.

As the business potential was large, rapid scaling up took place. Competitors tried barging in, but since the volume was large there was room for many.

So perhaps, the first phase of the plan is to have a product or service that satisfies a widespread need (addressing a problem) at a reasonable cost – this will make the business scale up at a faster pace., as they say the task of marketing as an extension – “A business, is to uncover a need”.

Look around, get inspirations from success stories, conceive an idea, product or service and step out without a fear!

Stories from such sites as should inspire you.

Use Wiz For Biz Creative as your starting springboard business consultants – they will only happily answer your questions and help you build your brand!

Watch out for the next blog: The gestation period

About the Author:  Prof Rajan Lakshmanan, Alumnus of the prestigious Indian Institute of Management Bangalore (IIMB). A former manager at Asian Paints Ltd., General Manager, Pancharathna Industries, Advisor to Maini Group, Advisor to GMCI (The Greater Mysore Chamber of Commerce).

He has designed and conducted more than 100 training programmes and MDPs corporate. He has conducted many case analysis and has written many cases. The case ‘The Dabhol Debacle’ on ‘Enron’s Misadventure’ in Maharashtra was widely acclaimed.

Social Media Marketing & Digital Marketing Trends to watch out for in 2019

Social media is always adapting and evolving, it’s necessary to understand what’s new to decide if your social media plan is going to be successful in the years to come. It’s always important to stop in a particular point in time and look at what strategy you have been using to promote your products on the social media till now and decide if tweaking is required to make the process more efficient for a successful return on investment.

Last year was an exciting and happening year as far as social media was concerned. Both good and bad stories have come into the limelight about the social media platforms we use every day and this year is going to be a year to watch out for since last year’s news cycle is bound to create an impact in the social media platform’s framework and technology as a whole. Also, it’s important to investigate the marketing trends for this year so that one could drastically improvise on the social media reach.

Before we go any further, we will list down some of the famous and successful social media platforms in today’s era along with its website links (Just click on particular brand name for redirection).

1) Interactions

The famous social media platform, Facebook has already changed their focus last year, and have decided to promote articles that generate genuine attention and real interactions as a part of their new and improved algorithm.

This new algorithm is favoring posts that are very interesting and engaging to the audience, which has made it necessary for admins to create more rich and unique content.

It’s not easy to run circles around the new and changed algorithms that social media platforms like Facebook have been throwing out at the users, the old tricks that involve luring people into commenting and liking by literally begging the audience isn’t going to work so well anymore. The only way to gain organic viewership to your Facebook page is through steady, interesting, fresh content.

 2) Artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence has started getting more traction since they are not so boring as they used to be, programmers are finding more and more ways to actually make them “intelligent.”

They are now being used by the brands on social media as their receptionists – these chatbots can be programmed to answer some basic and repetitive questions that the brands usually get from the users; Now, the users can not only get the information they require spontaneously but in return the AI ChatBots are helping the brands to not invest time and manpower on answering repetitive questions. Smooooothhh Isn’t it?

3) The end of the fake following era?

Instagram and Facebook are not just famous for being addictive and interesting, they are also famous for all the fake profiles that create havoc for legitimate users.

The fake profile saga does not end with personal profiles but extend to pages, some pages recruit some third-party sites to get them a certain number of likes.

Instagram has recently decided to do away with this phenomenon using machine learning technologies, that can accurately weed out fake likes and comments.


4) Instagram Stories

We all know Snapchat started the “stories” like a phenomenon, it was fresh at the time, and people ran towards it in large numbers, but then Instagram which already had a large audience because of its unique platform incorporated a similar model like Snapchat and it has taken off like crazy. Facebook is also trying to get its users to become more and more used to it.

Advertisers have understood the potential of stories and have already started using them to promote their products, since stories are easy to access, and they stay on their page for 24 hours, they were quick to embrace it. It has been found in a recent survey that at least 68 percent of users on Instagram and 49 percent of people on Facebook use stories on a regular basis to promote their content.

5) Social Media Influencers

The models and creators within the social media universe have gained a lot of attention in the past few years, this social media celebrity status has enabled people like Kyle Jenner to create a billion-dollar industry. So, brands must utilize the micromarketing techniques used by these social media stars to enhance their sales and recognition.

While using social media influencers like these it is important to find the right influencers for the right product, for example, no one is going to take it seriously if you ask a comedian to sell your cosmetic product or an Instagram model to promote your educational app, so pick the right person for the job.

6) Tunnel Vision

The problems with choosing the right social media partner for your product is to understand how effective they will be at selling your product, it depends on the content they make, the kind of audience who follow them.

The older strategy of brands was to increase the product’s reach by making multiple people promote their products irrespective of the content creator’s background or specialization, this will not translate into a good ROI, so it is important to find the right partner to be associated with and stay with them for a long period of time, so their audience become your audience too.

7) Advertising Saturation

The number of ads placed on social media platforms are steadily on the rise, this thread has both positive and negative shades to it; positive is that the ads definitely seem to be working if not why would brands investment money into the platforms, but the negative is the issue of saturation, as more and more companies come in, there are high chances that your competitors are also there. So, it’s important to find the right platform where you will have the most ROI and concentrate on it. Although, to reach a large audience it’s imminent to utilize all platforms effectively, just prioritize the platform that offers you the best ROI.

8) Content will always be the King

In the end, the type and the quality of content that you associate with determine the reach of your advertisement strategy. It can be either videos, photos or podcast – always make sure that the content is top notch, interesting and fresh.

Facebook has been trying to promote its videos more than other posts so as to keep the audience intact with the platform at all times, so does the Instagram. A podcast is although relatively new has developed a hardcore following in the developed countries. There are so many genres in it that you can easily pick a good podcast genre to sell your product effectively.

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An Overview of the Digital Marketing Trends in 2019


How many of us actually know that digital marketing has been around for at least two decades now? No, this is not a joke! – it’s neither stupid, rhetoric saying or a bluff, it’s a fact that ever since Marconi first found a way to transmit radio frequencies across devices, it didn’t take much longer for businesses to understand the potential that electronic devices possess for marketing their products or services. Digital marketing didn’t start with the internet and isn’t going to end with it. Digital Marketing is any marketing that’s targeted and presented via an electronic medium, but it’s definitely true that internet marketing is going to stay the flag bearer for digital marketing in the present scenario.

We all have come across Bill Board Advertising, TV Advertising, Radio advertising so on and so forth, while some of these, for example – TV ads are still prevalent but on the decline stage, billboards are pretty much becoming non-existent – people nowadays hardly take their eyes off the phones especially while traveling via roadways making billboards a public nuisance without any real purpose. So, it’s necessary for a business to keep adapting and refining their marketing strategies according to the trends and patterns if one wishes to stay updated and successful.

So now let’s learn more about what are the changes one has to make in 2019 to stay ahead in Marketing.

1) Don’t stick to a Singular Marketing Strategy

It used to be sufficient to stick to a blog or a YouTube channel to market one’s product or service, but since the competition has risen enormously on the internet, it’s necessary for a company to have their fingers in multiple bowls i.e. implement omnichannel approach to their products/services to be visible enough to reach a wide audience and stand out from the rest.

2) Lead Conversion and Proper Online Lead Qualification

Digital marketing in the past only concentrated on bringing the potential customers/audiences to their web pages, but that’s not enough anymore, now it’s high time businesses concentrate on converting the views to potential buyers or users, that can be done through various technological advancements such as Machine Learning or AI led automated functions or Email Follow-ups that can assist you in engaging a little more further with your consumer with email follow-ups, AI-driven chats and solid big data collection. It’s necessary for all business to leverage optimum sales funnel the right way to track one’s potential customer from their initial interaction to conversion.

3) Voice Search

Voice searches have been around for quite some time, but in the past they have been unreliable to even being grossly unresponsive, but the Giant Google, the monopolistic technology innovator has put in so much of time and effort to make Voice Searches better and accurate that it is becoming very popular – more and more people are preferring voice search technology to search on search engines which is going to be completely different from the traditional way of type in text searches. The businesses must first try to understand how this works and would affect them if they aren’t updated and try and adapt to this by applying long-tailed search algorithms/keywords in their online media platforms to be successfully found.

4) Customers Interaction and Customer Care

Customers prefer to interact with their service provides every time – Be it a purchase decision or after sales, they want to know if the furniture that they see on the photo can be customized according to their liking, or they want to discuss with you about the one tiny problem that they faced with your software. If the customer doesn’t find a way to interact with their service provider promptly and efficiently, they will surely move on to one of the thousand other business that does.

So, link a customer care number or an email Id – stay active on your comment section, form a community page/ forum for your customers to interact with each other so they can help each other solve their own problems (FAQs), be active and accessible on social media, which will help you gain so much reliability and trust – Remember this phrase always “Out of Sight is Out of Mind”.

5) Content is still the King 

Don’t ever forget content is still the king, don’t stick to boring old blogs that are filled with keywords and very little information, because people can now sniff such blogs from miles away and would avoid them completely. Create unique content that is also fascinating enough to hold onto the visitor’s attention for at least a little while, don’t fill your blog with jargons on the sole purpose of fulfilling your word count requirements. Make interesting videos, make use of memes and gifs, use interesting punch lines on twitter. Your marketing strategy should have a personality of its own.

6) Videos and Podcast

People are losing patience with blogs, they prefer your content to have a human touch to it, that is where video marketing comes into the frame – videos on Facebook and Instagram are doing much better than just plain old vlog links, because it shows that you have put in some major effort and it has much more potential to hold the audience’s attention. Also, the video offers you much more scope to be wild and creative than the plain old texts. Also, it’s high time businesses start utilizing podcasts, podcasts are everywhere now, you can listen to a podcast on-the-go while exercising or while doing some other passive work in the office. Even late-night show hosts and celebrities in the USA and other countries are implementing podcasts, you should do it too if you want to stay relevant and ahead of your competition, they offer so many avenues for businesses to market their products/services in a much more effective fashion.

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What is digital marketing? – An introduction to the tools and techniques.

Digital marketing is using the internet to promote your product/ business via multiple channels such as social media, emails, blogs etc …

Digital marketing is not a newly introduced concept – people have been using emails to sell their products for a long time, but now the ever-growing digital marketing industry not only proved to be much effective than any other means of traditional marketing techniques that people have been relying on, it has also morphed into so many dimensions that the knowledge and the workforce needed to run a successful digital marketing operation has multiplied substantially. People inside the digital marketing industry have many designations hanging over their heads, social media marketers, content creators, SEO experts. All of them have certain skill sets that are useful to optimize your marketing strategy online. So, today let’s dive into the components of digital marketing.

Email marketing

Email marketing is one of the oldest methods of digital marketing. Everyone is aware of its existence – you must be having, like everyone else a mail id with 1000’s of spam emails received into your inbox which are most probably ignored, all of them are businesses trying to make you aware of their product or rarely some hackers trying to lure you into their nefarious scheme, this will not happen if the business really know how to use it correctly.

There is a right way to do email marketing, and that is the only effective way – otherwise, your business email might also end up in ignored thrash like others. Before you start sending your potential customer email, they must volunteer themselves to be on your e-mail list, this would mean they are interested in what you have to say, and your email might not end up in their spam list.

Although the email marketing has lost its charm in the recent times, it was once a powerful tool applied by the online business giants such as Amazon, Facebook, and so many other companies and they still use it very effectively to reel in the customers back respective to their applications/ websites. These days content marketing has now overshadowed the once glorious email marketing.

Content Marketing and Content Creation

 It is a Marketing technique that creates or utility tools like blog posts, infographics, eBooks, memes and videos to make people fall in love with their brand or product, for example, if you are a real estate company, you must have quality content on your website that immediately helps people understand where you operate, how you operate, what services you can offer your potential clients, and how different or better you are than your competitors.

This must be done in a way that is engaging and brief or people might lose interest and bounce to some other website. There are various content creators out there who can do this well, and many of them work freelance, larger companies also hire full-time content creators for the sole purpose. Of course, content marketing is incomplete without SEO.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

SEO is a method or technique employed to improve the visibility of your content/ website on search engines like Google and Yahoo. Using the right SEO tools, you can make sure your content pops up whenever someone searches for something related to your brand or business. For example, if someone searches for engineering colleges in a particular city, say, New York, there are SEO managers that can make sure your colleges come on top in the search list, helping you get an edge over your competitors.

Placing of rights keywords is one such SEO technique that is widely used. Social media also helps in increasing visibility for your product or service.

Social media marketing techniques.

Everyone is aware of social media sites – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat and LinkedIn, but how many people know that along with them being the medium of networking and entertainment, they also nurture businesses. So many methods are employed in social media marketing, Facebook pages are created to endorse a product or a business service, using social media enforcers one to create brand awareness, Example – using Twitter to stay in contact with your customer as well as updating them about your new products – using social media surveys to understand your product’s demography, what works about it and what doesn’t.

Finally, the most effective of them all is social media advertising which is all essentially the pay per click ads – Effective yet Affordable.

Pay per click advertising

Google AdWords and Facebook advertisement are perfect examples of Pay Per Click (PPC) marketing tool, Google places ads about your business and charges you only if people click on those ads, this makes the whole process very fair. Google and Facebook don’t just place those ads randomly, they do a thorough market analysis and decide which blogs or websites will attract the kind of audience that will be most interested in your product/business – this can also be done manually by you if you are well aware of your target audience.

They do this by collection of user data, cookies etc… (A part of Big Data Analysis) The ethical and privacy issues around this is still being constantly questioned by both the companies and the public alike and policies are put in place to regulate the enormous power companies like Google possess because of the amount of data they have with them. Sometimes ads can be placed in a way that is not too intrusive and can potentially submerge inside some entertaining non-paid content that is called native advertising. 

Native Advertising/Influencer Marketing

Native advertising or Influencer Marketing is done in a way that the content developer/influencer just mentions your product or services in a post or a video among a sea of non-paid content – like a glimpse, while the objective of their original content is usually completely different. Pages like BuzzFeed and many new channels use this technique. Some people even consider ads on Facebook as native advertising.

Native advertising is predominant in platforms like YouTube, where YouTubers who use the platform to entertain and inform people – make a living by endorsing certain products or services. Many a time they don’t appear before the video they are placed as a concept of the video. Sometimes even blending in seamlessly. A serious content creator who uses native advertising are obligated by ethics to mention that their contract is paid for, and not unbiased like their other content are especially in case of native advertising by newspapers. Affiliate marketing is also similar in concept to native advertising.

Affiliate marketing

This mostly involves selling products or services, where blog posts and videos are made by someone else to sell a product by another company, and get a small percentage of the profit, if someone makes a purchase via their advertising link. The particular youtuber or blogger also lure their viewers or readers by informing them that they will be able to avail special discounts if they use their link to purchase the product or a service. This has been really effective and has been a boon for small YouTubers and Content Developers on the internet.

Online PR

This is a technique of employing an online PR firm that essentially manages your online image. Good comments and reviews go a long way in building or destroying any business. They can also make sure that your product gets the required attention by providing the correct interviews and placing news stories, pick out the best social media influencers for you and your product to be associated with, do damage control on the internet if your business in some dilemma (The Maggie damage control case) and also find the best marketing strategy (How Maggie was launched yet again with surplus sales).

Marketing automation

Nowadays a big workforce is not necessary to do all the advertising jobs as many of them are repetitive tasks that do not necessarily require any additional human effort. So new applications and software can now effectively run your marketing scheme on an everyday basis.


  • Pay per click campaign tracking
  • Email newsletters
  • Social media news schedule.
  • Google Analytics
  • Artificially Intelligent Target Marketing Tools
  • Search Engine Optimisation Tools
  • Can all be done using a software.

Inbound marketing

Is the full funneled technique of using all the above-mentioned marketing strategies like SEO, content creation to do effective advertising for your business.

Every day more and more people are logging on to the internet and these internet marketing techniques can form a direct and a stronger link between the business and the potential customer. So, it’s a must for any business to utilize this new and much improvised yet affordable marketing technique if they intend to grow their business.

So, we hope this has given you a brief idea about how the world of digital marketing works and the tools and techniques that can be used to optimize your marketing solutions and strategies – Please do visit our website for a glimpse of our professional Digital Services.

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The Benefits of Digital Marketing in 2019 – Top 5

Starting a business is a herculean task, you need a good concept/product that you can sell, get the investments right, break through all the red tapes, finally make your consumer base aware of your product/service and make them fall in love with it, this is where marketing comes into picture, marketing and sales have in the past been done through posters, through in-person salesmen, newspapers and television advertisement. Although some of these traditional forms of advertising are still followed and have quite an amount of impact in bringing consumers to your doorstep – a new form of more efficient and cost-effective advertising has overshadowed the old timers – of course, I am talking about the internet marketing alias digital marketing. Digital marketing is the best in 2019 and below are the few reasons why.

1) A Young and Ever-Growing Consumer Base

The internet is the place to be now, nearly everyone is hooked to a smartphone and constantly browsing, this set of audience is millennials or younger, so they are going to stay with your company for quite a long time. Also, the amount of people who are connecting to the internet is only going to expand as more and more developing countries like India are getting more connected. The amount of digital marketing companies is also increasing in number day by day, more competition is only going to reduce rates and increase efficiency.

2) Cheaper and Fairer Rates when compared to Traditional Marketing methods

Internet marketing is pretty reasonable, sometimes even free, social media advertising is charged only when someone clicks (CPC) on your advertisement, which not only makes this affordable but also fair. There are so many SEO companies that could help you with bringing in your clients – they all work for an affordable cost that any small to medium sized companies can easily afford them.

3) Targeting, Segmentation and Data collection

Television advertisement just run on your TV they can’t tell with high accuracy what sort of demography watches your advertisement, but best digital marketing agencies and social media advertising can accurately calculate you demography, and help you target your advertisement to the consumers you want your advertisement to reach to, for example, a shop in Chennai can target your advertisement in Chennai, and it can also segment your target into much smaller groups or clusters which proves to be very effective – 18-25-year-olds in Chennai, Only Women or Men – so on and so forth

4) International/Global Exposure at your fingertips

The best marketing agencies can expand your base globally if your Product or Service requires such an attention. Social media sites like Facebook and YouTube have spread globally all over and advertising with the with the right SEO tools and strategies with good SEO agencies/Digital Marketing agencies, can easily spread the word about your products within short duration much effectively E.g. From the USA to Japan – Advertised within no time.

5) Greater return on investment

ROI is the best way to measure if your marketing strategy is working, and there is no better way to get the best ROI other than internet marketing in today’s or future era.

So, the above justification makes it very clear that digital marketing is the future of marketing – reasonable yet effective and does all the wonders that are needed for the one who wants to grow his/her business to the present and future generation (within an affordable budget) which is going to be the consumer base for the coming years. Please do visit our website for a glimpse of our professional Digital Services.

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How to Create and Design a Professional Logo – The Importance of a well-designed logo

What really triggers your memory centre when someone says, Audi? The four rings must immediately pop into your head, likewise, it’s the same for the cursored reddish/ white Coco cola logo, it’s something that is almost universally accepted as the brand’s core identity. Logo’s aren’t just fancy ways to spell the company’s name, but also a very integral part of brand building and recognition. You can pick out a Mercedes Benz or a Jaguar even when they are piled along with 100 other cars in a jiffy, that is the kind of power a well-designed logo gives to a Product or a Company. So, it is important that the logo you choose for your company clearly establishes the organisation’s soul and agenda and will remain as your company’s identity for a very long time.

Almost every person out there must have wanted to be an entrepreneur, but not everyone gets an opportunity to breathe life into their dreams, if you are one such person who has had the fortune to start your dream project, you must have definitely given considerable thought about its logo, the logo must serve as a window into your company’s star product, as well as being an artistic treat to satisfy your inner creative child. Many of the best creative branding agencies, can give you – your perfect logo, but you should clearly know what you are looking for, in order to deliver the best design without any hitches or prolonged work.

When you approach a creative and affordable graphic design service you must make sure that the logo they design is representative of your company, the word/ words they use is an exact or at least a distant synonym of your vision, for example Cola-Cola has the name cola in it, no one is going to mistake it for an oil company, do they? Companies like Indian oil do what exactly they sound like. The fonts should also meet your expectations and style, you can’t use a modern-day abstract looking font for a finance company, it might not scream professionally. The colour combinations and the designs are vital to how your future clients will perceive your company. A classy colour combination with lots of greys would be more appropriate for serious businesses that deliver professional services like a group of hospitals, or a trading company. A logo with perky colours, which would suit a fun company like Cadbury or Nestle. The scalability of your logo is also an important factor to consider, your logo must look on a tiny coffee mug to a giant billboard.


There are some things that you can do before one wants their logo to be designed by the best creative branding agencies , they could try to use free software, a logo designing website or perhaps a hand sketch, to get an idea of what kind of logo they want, then they could approach these professionals to get a refined version of their amateur design. Remember at the end of the day these logos are like the face of your company, they are always going to be something that people will recognise your brand with and hence are incredibly important for the company’s progress.

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One Stop for All Your Design and Business Branding Needs

Let’s agree we have always struggled on how to brand our business and get the niche audience.  We just don’t know where to begin and how. Sometimes all it takes is a little manpower and help from companies which have the expertise to guide you and take your business to the next level. As an entrepreneur and an artist, I have struggled with branding and promoting my product to my niche audience until I came across this multimedia agency Wiz For Biz Creative that helped me throughout and also gave a personal touch. I reckon, there are a lot of other artists/entrepreneurs out there struggling with the same and I hope this piece helps you. It’s one of the best website design agencies I have come across, with affordable web development services, best creative branding agency for best graphic design services.

About Wiz For Biz Creative: Who they are?

Wiz for Biz Creative is a contemporary multimedia firm that consolidates digital marketing & conventional branding that proposes creative and profoundly competent Business and Branding Solutions. They yield niche solutions to lift businesses around the globe. It has earned a title for one of the best E-commerce web development company in the current market. The firm understands that it’s not just about the quantity but also quality matters and that every brand is just as unique and important to them; The whole team puts in their heart and soul in projects curated perfectly for their clientele base.

What do they do?

They render efficient business solutions that you covet, with the aid of designers, writers, and developers. They have worked with many different industries globally and provide 100% client satisfaction. Their vast expertise also encompasses Logo design, designs for events, infographics, illustrative paintings. They also create and sell customized calendars, 2D & 3D animation prints. The company takes up only limited projects to ensure that the quality of the products and solutions matter and add a personal touch to their client’s demands.

Their expertise?

They help you render solutions for web design and development, corporate presentations, business pitch schemes. They have also designed book covers designs and album arts. They also outlined the cover page for the INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL OF INDIA for their 46th edition. The firm also works with cafes, restaurants, and corporate offices to help them with physical and business branding. They serve in USA, UAE, Kuwait, and India.

Where are they located?

The team consisting of 15 people, a 1-Year-old start-up company is registered in JP Nagar, Bangalore. Although, the design studio is situated in Carambolim, Old Goa.

Behind the scenes: The Team

The company’s Unique Selling Point is Quality over Quantity and to deliver high-grade results the company has the best of designers, writers, developers, and consultants. Their team consists of 15 extremely qualified and experienced professionals. The Advisor of the firm graduated from Indian Institute of Management Bangalore (IIMB), one of the finest institutions in India. Chief Design Consultant holds 10 years of industry experience as well. Basically, a pack of multi-skilled, dexterous minds have come collectively to constitute this beautiful organization to render with the best business and graphics solutions for anyone’s need.


They’ve worked with FIFA, JW Marriott,

Hallmark, Baskin Robbins, Shoppers Stop, INOX to name a few.


Contact Info

Phone Number: (+91) 771 8851 567

Email Address:


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Design Sprints: Everything You Need to Know About

Let’s say you have an idea for a brand/product and want to publish it on the market. You need to up your game and determine whether or not to invest time in your ideas.  For such dilemmas and queries, Google Ventures proposed a platform to help start-ups to overcome business and marketing hurdles they are faced with.

Google Design Sprint
Source : Google Ventures

What Are Design Sprints?

“The sprint is a five-day process for answering critical business questions through design, prototyping and testing ideas with customers.”, as it says on the website.

Google has created this profoundly structured five-day process with activities assigned for each day to help participants/entrepreneurs come up with assertive solutions for their business ideas.

Design Sprints allow you to design, sell and govern sprints that deliver valuable and assertive acumens. It also helps you understand who are your customers and what’s mattering to them. It lets you test your web interface and products to be certain if it really works.

It’s quintessential to have a club of participants coming together from different fields resulting in a working prototype sketched for your needs.
Affordable web development services use Design Sprints as an innovation protocol.

How Design Sprints Structure their five-day process

Individuals are grouped to work and learn better. This also teaches them to be in a team and grow their leadership qualities. If there are no groups, Design Sprints cannot exist.

Each Design Sprint consists of 5 following phases:

Design Sprints Structure

Monday: The groups are assigned to specialists across the Google Ventures organization to recognize their ultimate aspirations and create a plan for the rest of the week. This is to understand your goals and space clearly.

Tuesday: The groups start to spitball ideas and creations to solve their ideas faced with business difficulties. Each individual in the group would grab a pen/pencil to sketch out their ideas and solutions which could potentially help their case.

Wednesday: The groups discuss the solutions that came across while sketching out on Tuesday; You should be able to eliminate and decide which one of them works best for your brand/product.

Thursday: The groups transmute their sketches into a realistic functioning prototype, storyboards created in the past days will easily help you make a working prototype. Your prototype should be ready for the final testing by now.

Friday: The final prototype is up for testing with real live users. This is the chance to not only validate your prototype with potential customers but also stakeholders and engineers. Test with a minimum of 5 users to get a good idea of what are your goals next

Benefits of Design Sprint

  • Sprints allow you to make decisions, come up with solutions and a working prototype in a crunched period of time. This shows how fast you can adapt and process. You are able to execute the work of several months in just 5 days, this is the fastest way to test your efficiency and work ethics.
  • Having a group of stakeholders, investors, and engineers together working with you on the same project helps you really gain an insight and it’s much easier to come up with solutions.
  • Design Sprints are an advocate for creative and innovative thinking. They allow you to manifest your thoughts into sketching your dream prototype rather than getting outright rejected by the company world. It gives you the freedom to experiment and learn.
  • You learn how teamwork is an essential part of the process and how people from across the world have something new to share.
  • Using Design Sprints, the best website design agencies have drastically improved their productivity.
  • Time constraints help boost creativity and drives you to make decisions quicker. No more procrastination and piling your work until the last moment.
  • You can reduce your risks of failure and a capital loss on creative ideas. You can scrunch months of development into 5 days with a minimal amount spent. This gives you extra time to validate your ideas and improve if there any changes to be made in case of failure.
  • Design Sprints are also very useful for affordable web design services because they do away with the expenditure needed in long-term prototyping.

Challenges of Design Prints

  • One of the main challenges of Design Prints is to gather a group of individuals that correlate to your work. Getting people to cancel any plans they have for the week is arduous and finding the right week when everyone is free is even harder.
  • Managing projects and time constraints is not an easy balance. It gets too complex and head-wrecking to execute projects under pressure. For example, affordable custom website design services might find it difficult to operate on such a short timescale.


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Picture Courtesy: Google Ventures

FIFA U-17 World Cup Host Logo designed by Sharmila Coutinho – Chief Creative Consultant, Wiz for Biz Creative

The host city logo for the Fifa U-17 World Cup unveiled on Friday at the GMC Athletics Stadium, Bambolim, captured all that chief minister Manohar Parrikar had to say about football in Goa.

“Despite the coming of cricket, Goan youth has not forgotten football,” the CM said on the occasion. “They play it on any patch of land available not matter what the obstacles,” Parrikar added, reminding all of his initiative in declaring football the state sport five years ago and his resolve in realizing a dream of contributing six Goans to the national team in another five.

Profoundly, every shade of national flags in the competition has found its way into the logo to symbolise global unity through the Beautiful Game.

Shrinivas Dempo, president of Dempo Sports Club and tournament venue director, flashed back to a singular moment in 2012 when Parrikar cleared the decks for Goa to play hosts which eventually brought the state nine matches.

State sports minister Babu Azgaonkar reiterated the government’s support for the event with Sports Authority of Goa executive director VM Prabhudesai echoing the sentiment.

An official announcement that physical ticket sales would start at the Nehru stadium, Fatorda, on September 7 is expected to boost attendance in Goa which has hitherto relied on online bookings.

With mascot Kheleo, the genial leopard also making his presence felt, one gets the feeling that the U-17 World Cup is set for a huge leap.

The unveiling programme raised the decibels for the 24-nation youth World Cup that kicks off on October 6 in New Delhi and will spread its wings across six venues across the country, including Goa, culminating in the final in Kolkata on October 28.

Tournament director Javier Ceppi upped the ante at the gathering that included luminaries such as former India players and Goan icons Brahmanand Shankhwalkar and Bruno Coutinho.

The Chilean acknowledged the support of both state and union governments for the tournament effort. 
”It may be a junior event but India is treating it as a senior World Cup,” Ceppi said to a round of applause.

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Picture courtesy: FIFA U17 World Cup