How to Create and Design a Professional Logo – The Importance of a well-designed logo

What really triggers your memory centre when someone says, Audi? The four rings must immediately pop into your head, likewise, it’s the same for the cursored reddish/ white Coco cola logo, it’s something that is almost universally accepted as the brand’s core identity. Logo’s aren’t just fancy ways to spell the company’s name, but also a very integral part of brand building and recognition. You can pick out a Mercedes Benz or a Jaguar even when they are piled along with 100 other cars in a jiffy, that is the kind of power a well-designed logo gives to a Product or a Company. So, it is important that the logo you choose for your company clearly establishes the organisation’s soul and agenda and will remain as your company’s identity for a very long time.

Almost every person out there must have wanted to be an entrepreneur, but not everyone gets an opportunity to breathe life into their dreams, if you are one such person who has had the fortune to start your dream project, you must have definitely given considerable thought about its logo, the logo must serve as a window into your company’s star product, as well as being an artistic treat to satisfy your inner creative child. Many of the best creative branding agencies, can give you – your perfect logo, but you should clearly know what you are looking for, in order to deliver the best design without any hitches or prolonged work.

When you approach a creative and affordable graphic design service you must make sure that the logo they design is representative of your company, the word/ words they use is an exact or at least a distant synonym of your vision, for example Cola-Cola has the name cola in it, no one is going to mistake it for an oil company, do they? Companies like Indian oil do what exactly they sound like. The fonts should also meet your expectations and style, you can’t use a modern-day abstract looking font for a finance company, it might not scream professionally. The colour combinations and the designs are vital to how your future clients will perceive your company. A classy colour combination with lots of greys would be more appropriate for serious businesses that deliver professional services like a group of hospitals, or a trading company. A logo with perky colours, which would suit a fun company like Cadbury or Nestle. The scalability of your logo is also an important factor to consider, your logo must look on a tiny coffee mug to a giant billboard.


There are some things that you can do before one wants their logo to be designed by the best creative branding agencies , they could try to use free software, a logo designing website or perhaps a hand sketch, to get an idea of what kind of logo they want, then they could approach these professionals to get a refined version of their amateur design. Remember at the end of the day these logos are like the face of your company, they are always going to be something that people will recognise your brand with and hence are incredibly important for the company’s progress.

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FIFA U-17 World Cup Host Logo designed by Sharmila Coutinho – Chief Creative Consultant, Wiz for Biz Creative

The host city logo for the Fifa U-17 World Cup unveiled on Friday at the GMC Athletics Stadium, Bambolim, captured all that chief minister Manohar Parrikar had to say about football in Goa.

“Despite the coming of cricket, Goan youth has not forgotten football,” the CM said on the occasion. “They play it on any patch of land available not matter what the obstacles,” Parrikar added, reminding all of his initiative in declaring football the state sport five years ago and his resolve in realizing a dream of contributing six Goans to the national team in another five.

Profoundly, every shade of national flags in the competition has found its way into the logo to symbolise global unity through the Beautiful Game.

Shrinivas Dempo, president of Dempo Sports Club and tournament venue director, flashed back to a singular moment in 2012 when Parrikar cleared the decks for Goa to play hosts which eventually brought the state nine matches.

State sports minister Babu Azgaonkar reiterated the government’s support for the event with Sports Authority of Goa executive director VM Prabhudesai echoing the sentiment.

An official announcement that physical ticket sales would start at the Nehru stadium, Fatorda, on September 7 is expected to boost attendance in Goa which has hitherto relied on online bookings.

With mascot Kheleo, the genial leopard also making his presence felt, one gets the feeling that the U-17 World Cup is set for a huge leap.

The unveiling programme raised the decibels for the 24-nation youth World Cup that kicks off on October 6 in New Delhi and will spread its wings across six venues across the country, including Goa, culminating in the final in Kolkata on October 28.

Tournament director Javier Ceppi upped the ante at the gathering that included luminaries such as former India players and Goan icons Brahmanand Shankhwalkar and Bruno Coutinho.

The Chilean acknowledged the support of both state and union governments for the tournament effort. 
”It may be a junior event but India is treating it as a senior World Cup,” Ceppi said to a round of applause.

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Picture courtesy: FIFA U17 World Cup