How to Create and Design a Professional Logo – The Importance of a well-designed logo

What really triggers your memory centre when someone says, Audi? The four rings must immediately pop into your head, likewise, it’s the same for the cursored reddish/ white Coco cola logo, it’s something that is almost universally accepted as the brand’s core identity. Logo’s aren’t just fancy ways to spell the company’s name, but also a very integral part of brand building and recognition. You can pick out a Mercedes Benz or a Jaguar even when they are piled along with 100 other cars in a jiffy, that is the kind of power a well-designed logo gives to a Product or a Company. So, it is important that the logo you choose for your company clearly establishes the organisation’s soul and agenda and will remain as your company’s identity for a very long time.

Almost every person out there must have wanted to be an entrepreneur, but not everyone gets an opportunity to breathe life into their dreams, if you are one such person who has had the fortune to start your dream project, you must have definitely given considerable thought about its logo, the logo must serve as a window into your company’s star product, as well as being an artistic treat to satisfy your inner creative child. Many of the best creative branding agencies, can give you – your perfect logo, but you should clearly know what you are looking for, in order to deliver the best design without any hitches or prolonged work.

When you approach a creative and affordable graphic design service you must make sure that the logo they design is representative of your company, the word/ words they use is an exact or at least a distant synonym of your vision, for example Cola-Cola has the name cola in it, no one is going to mistake it for an oil company, do they? Companies like Indian oil do what exactly they sound like. The fonts should also meet your expectations and style, you can’t use a modern-day abstract looking font for a finance company, it might not scream professionally. The colour combinations and the designs are vital to how your future clients will perceive your company. A classy colour combination with lots of greys would be more appropriate for serious businesses that deliver professional services like a group of hospitals, or a trading company. A logo with perky colours, which would suit a fun company like Cadbury or Nestle. The scalability of your logo is also an important factor to consider, your logo must look on a tiny coffee mug to a giant billboard.


There are some things that you can do before one wants their logo to be designed by the best creative branding agencies , they could try to use free software, a logo designing website or perhaps a hand sketch, to get an idea of what kind of logo they want, then they could approach these professionals to get a refined version of their amateur design. Remember at the end of the day these logos are like the face of your company, they are always going to be something that people will recognise your brand with and hence are incredibly important for the company’s progress.

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Let’s agree we have always struggled on how to brand our business and get the niche audience.  We just don’t know where to begin and how. Sometimes all it takes is a little manpower and help from companies which have the expertise to guide you and take your business to the next level. As an entrepreneur and an artist, I have struggled with branding and promoting my product to my niche audience until I came across this multimedia agency Wiz For Biz Creative that helped me throughout and also gave a personal touch. I reckon, there are a lot of other artists/entrepreneurs out there struggling with the same and I hope this piece helps you. It’s one of the best website design agencies I have come across, with affordable web development services, best creative branding agency for best graphic design services.

About Wiz For Biz Creative: Who they are?

Wiz for Biz Creative is a contemporary multimedia firm that consolidates digital marketing & conventional branding that proposes creative and profoundly competent Business and Branding Solutions. They yield niche solutions to lift businesses around the globe. It has earned a title for one of the best E-commerce web development company in the current market. The firm understands that it’s not just about the quantity but also quality matters and that every brand is just as unique and important to them; The whole team puts in their heart and soul in projects curated perfectly for their clientele base.

What do they do?

They render efficient business solutions that you covet, with the aid of designers, writers, and developers. They have worked with many different industries globally and provide 100% client satisfaction. Their vast expertise also encompasses Logo design, designs for events, infographics, illustrative paintings. They also create and sell customized calendars, 2D & 3D animation prints. The company takes up only limited projects to ensure that the quality of the products and solutions matter and add a personal touch to their client’s demands.

Their expertise?

They help you render solutions for web design and development, corporate presentations, business pitch schemes. They have also designed book covers designs and album arts. They also outlined the cover page for the INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL OF INDIA for their 46th edition. The firm also works with cafes, restaurants, and corporate offices to help them with physical and business branding. They serve in USA, UAE, Kuwait, and India.

Where are they located?

The team consisting of 15 people, a 1-Year-old start-up company is registered in JP Nagar, Bangalore. Although, the design studio is situated in Carambolim, Old Goa.

Behind the scenes: The Team

The company’s Unique Selling Point is Quality over Quantity and to deliver high-grade results the company has the best of designers, writers, developers, and consultants. Their team consists of 15 extremely qualified and experienced professionals. The Advisor of the firm graduated from Indian Institute of Management Bangalore (IIMB), one of the finest institutions in India. Chief Design Consultant holds 10 years of industry experience as well. Basically, a pack of multi-skilled, dexterous minds have come collectively to constitute this beautiful organization to render with the best business and graphics solutions for anyone’s need.


They’ve worked with FIFA, JW Marriott,

Hallmark, Baskin Robbins, Shoppers Stop, INOX to name a few.


Contact Info

Phone Number: (+91) 771 8851 567

Email Address:


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Design Sprints: Everything You Need to Know About

Let’s say you have an idea for a brand/product and want to publish it on the market. You need to up your game and determine whether or not to invest time in your ideas.  For such dilemmas and queries, Google Ventures proposed a platform to help start-ups to overcome business and marketing hurdles they are faced with.

Google Design Sprint
Source : Google Ventures

What Are Design Sprints?

“The sprint is a five-day process for answering critical business questions through design, prototyping and testing ideas with customers.”, as it says on the website.

Google has created this profoundly structured five-day process with activities assigned for each day to help participants/entrepreneurs come up with assertive solutions for their business ideas.

Design Sprints allow you to design, sell and govern sprints that deliver valuable and assertive acumens. It also helps you understand who are your customers and what’s mattering to them. It lets you test your web interface and products to be certain if it really works.

It’s quintessential to have a club of participants coming together from different fields resulting in a working prototype sketched for your needs.
Affordable web development services use Design Sprints as an innovation protocol.

How Design Sprints Structure their five-day process

Individuals are grouped to work and learn better. This also teaches them to be in a team and grow their leadership qualities. If there are no groups, Design Sprints cannot exist.

Each Design Sprint consists of 5 following phases:

Design Sprints Structure

Monday: The groups are assigned to specialists across the Google Ventures organization to recognize their ultimate aspirations and create a plan for the rest of the week. This is to understand your goals and space clearly.

Tuesday: The groups start to spitball ideas and creations to solve their ideas faced with business difficulties. Each individual in the group would grab a pen/pencil to sketch out their ideas and solutions which could potentially help their case.

Wednesday: The groups discuss the solutions that came across while sketching out on Tuesday; You should be able to eliminate and decide which one of them works best for your brand/product.

Thursday: The groups transmute their sketches into a realistic functioning prototype, storyboards created in the past days will easily help you make a working prototype. Your prototype should be ready for the final testing by now.

Friday: The final prototype is up for testing with real live users. This is the chance to not only validate your prototype with potential customers but also stakeholders and engineers. Test with a minimum of 5 users to get a good idea of what are your goals next

Benefits of Design Sprint

  • Sprints allow you to make decisions, come up with solutions and a working prototype in a crunched period of time. This shows how fast you can adapt and process. You are able to execute the work of several months in just 5 days, this is the fastest way to test your efficiency and work ethics.
  • Having a group of stakeholders, investors, and engineers together working with you on the same project helps you really gain an insight and it’s much easier to come up with solutions.
  • Design Sprints are an advocate for creative and innovative thinking. They allow you to manifest your thoughts into sketching your dream prototype rather than getting outright rejected by the company world. It gives you the freedom to experiment and learn.
  • You learn how teamwork is an essential part of the process and how people from across the world have something new to share.
  • Using Design Sprints, the best website design agencies have drastically improved their productivity.
  • Time constraints help boost creativity and drives you to make decisions quicker. No more procrastination and piling your work until the last moment.
  • You can reduce your risks of failure and a capital loss on creative ideas. You can scrunch months of development into 5 days with a minimal amount spent. This gives you extra time to validate your ideas and improve if there any changes to be made in case of failure.
  • Design Sprints are also very useful for affordable web design services because they do away with the expenditure needed in long-term prototyping.

Challenges of Design Prints

  • One of the main challenges of Design Prints is to gather a group of individuals that correlate to your work. Getting people to cancel any plans they have for the week is arduous and finding the right week when everyone is free is even harder.
  • Managing projects and time constraints is not an easy balance. It gets too complex and head-wrecking to execute projects under pressure. For example, affordable custom website design services might find it difficult to operate on such a short timescale.


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Picture Courtesy: Google Ventures