Social Media Marketing & Digital Marketing Trends to watch out for in 2019

Social media is always adapting and evolving, it’s necessary to understand what’s new to decide if your social media plan is going to be successful in the years to come. It’s always important to stop in a particular point in time and look at what strategy you have been using to promote your products on the social media till now and decide if tweaking is required to make the process more efficient for a successful return on investment.

Last year was an exciting and happening year as far as social media was concerned. Both good and bad stories have come into the limelight about the social media platforms we use every day and this year is going to be a year to watch out for since last year’s news cycle is bound to create an impact in the social media platform’s framework and technology as a whole. Also, it’s important to investigate the marketing trends for this year so that one could drastically improvise on the social media reach.

Before we go any further, we will list down some of the famous and successful social media platforms in today’s era along with its website links (Just click on particular brand name for redirection).

1) Interactions

The famous social media platform, Facebook has already changed their focus last year, and have decided to promote articles that generate genuine attention and real interactions as a part of their new and improved algorithm.

This new algorithm is favoring posts that are very interesting and engaging to the audience, which has made it necessary for admins to create more rich and unique content.

It’s not easy to run circles around the new and changed algorithms that social media platforms like Facebook have been throwing out at the users, the old tricks that involve luring people into commenting and liking by literally begging the audience isn’t going to work so well anymore. The only way to gain organic viewership to your Facebook page is through steady, interesting, fresh content.

 2) Artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence has started getting more traction since they are not so boring as they used to be, programmers are finding more and more ways to actually make them “intelligent.”

They are now being used by the brands on social media as their receptionists – these chatbots can be programmed to answer some basic and repetitive questions that the brands usually get from the users; Now, the users can not only get the information they require spontaneously but in return the AI ChatBots are helping the brands to not invest time and manpower on answering repetitive questions. Smooooothhh Isn’t it?

3) The end of the fake following era?

Instagram and Facebook are not just famous for being addictive and interesting, they are also famous for all the fake profiles that create havoc for legitimate users.

The fake profile saga does not end with personal profiles but extend to pages, some pages recruit some third-party sites to get them a certain number of likes.

Instagram has recently decided to do away with this phenomenon using machine learning technologies, that can accurately weed out fake likes and comments.


4) Instagram Stories

We all know Snapchat started the “stories” like a phenomenon, it was fresh at the time, and people ran towards it in large numbers, but then Instagram which already had a large audience because of its unique platform incorporated a similar model like Snapchat and it has taken off like crazy. Facebook is also trying to get its users to become more and more used to it.

Advertisers have understood the potential of stories and have already started using them to promote their products, since stories are easy to access, and they stay on their page for 24 hours, they were quick to embrace it. It has been found in a recent survey that at least 68 percent of users on Instagram and 49 percent of people on Facebook use stories on a regular basis to promote their content.

5) Social Media Influencers

The models and creators within the social media universe have gained a lot of attention in the past few years, this social media celebrity status has enabled people like Kyle Jenner to create a billion-dollar industry. So, brands must utilize the micromarketing techniques used by these social media stars to enhance their sales and recognition.

While using social media influencers like these it is important to find the right influencers for the right product, for example, no one is going to take it seriously if you ask a comedian to sell your cosmetic product or an Instagram model to promote your educational app, so pick the right person for the job.

6) Tunnel Vision

The problems with choosing the right social media partner for your product is to understand how effective they will be at selling your product, it depends on the content they make, the kind of audience who follow them.

The older strategy of brands was to increase the product’s reach by making multiple people promote their products irrespective of the content creator’s background or specialization, this will not translate into a good ROI, so it is important to find the right partner to be associated with and stay with them for a long period of time, so their audience become your audience too.

7) Advertising Saturation

The number of ads placed on social media platforms are steadily on the rise, this thread has both positive and negative shades to it; positive is that the ads definitely seem to be working if not why would brands investment money into the platforms, but the negative is the issue of saturation, as more and more companies come in, there are high chances that your competitors are also there. So, it’s important to find the right platform where you will have the most ROI and concentrate on it. Although, to reach a large audience it’s imminent to utilize all platforms effectively, just prioritize the platform that offers you the best ROI.

8) Content will always be the King

In the end, the type and the quality of content that you associate with determine the reach of your advertisement strategy. It can be either videos, photos or podcast – always make sure that the content is top notch, interesting and fresh.

Facebook has been trying to promote its videos more than other posts so as to keep the audience intact with the platform at all times, so does the Instagram. A podcast is although relatively new has developed a hardcore following in the developed countries. There are so many genres in it that you can easily pick a good podcast genre to sell your product effectively.

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